Emerging Market
Ebara Holds Seminars for Air Conditioning in Vietnam
Ebara held seminars on pumps and chillers at the Vietnam-Japan Human Resources Cooperation Center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, for two days from March 24 to 25, 2015. The two-day event attracted a cumulative total of 82 participants.
Food processing: a priority sector for India
Honeywell Joins U.S. Presidential Trade Mission in China
The market for 'naturals' in China
Sanhua Mexico Plant Put into Trial Operation
Refrigerant & Environment
India and Tonga receive R22 seizure awards
UNEP has rewarded India and Tonga for the seizure of contraband R22 and their efforts to enforce ODP regulations. The Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards were made at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) at the end of May in Bangkok. Achim Steiner, UNEP executive director and United Nation...
Distributed Refrigeration: The Benefits of Ammonia Refrigeration Without the Risk
Ban Ki-moon backs HFC reductions
eurammon Symposium 2015 in Schaffhausen
AGC Marks Completion of HFO-1234yf Production Plant
Cover Story
Panasonic Aims for Sales of \700 Billion in HVAC Business in 3 Years
Panasonic has been steadily carrying out organizational reforms and revising its air conditioner strategy since it established the new Air-Conditioner Company within the Appliances Company in April.
Top Interview
Carrier Expands AquaEdge Centrifugal Chiller Family to 3,000 RT
At the China Refrigeration 2015 expo held in Shanghai in April, JARN interviewed two Carrier executives - Ross Shuster, president of BIS Asia, and Robert Chiang, vice president of Engineering, BIS Asia - to hear about Carrier鈥檚 HVAC business with special focus on the new joint ventures (JVs) with Midea and TICA as well as the centrifugal chiller business.
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