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Data centers: cooling technologies and trends
/images/up/News/201511281828853513.jpgA newly published market study from BSRIA (IIR partner in economic data) shows that large hyper data centres are changing the market for precision cooling. Over the next five to ten years, the use of traditional computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units is expected to drop dramatically as data centres opt for a combination of free cooling, liquid cooling and chilled-water cooling.
Sustainable building and design conference
More than 800 experts in planning, urban design and commercial property will come together at the City of Sydney-sponsored Green Cities conference to discuss sustainable building initiatives./images/up/News/2015112818213332338.jpg
World is in the grip of a clean energy revolution
Renewable energy is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for new electricity generation across the globe, according to a Climate Council report released yesterday./images/up/News/2015112818122293326.jpg
Fernox makes two new appointments
Fernox, the chemical water treatment and filter manufacturer, has appointed Anna Tarbuck as product management director and Gavin McLeod as product manager to strengthen further and expand globally its product portfolio./images/up/News/201511281884184940.jpg
DOE Reports Says Clean Energy Technologies Are Accelerating in the US
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released its 2015 Revolution…Now report, which details the state of several clean energy technologies in the U.S. Building upon past reports, it shows a significant increase in deployment and a decrease in cost of clean technologies including solar and wind.
Fort Drum Tests New High-Performance Insulation Technology
Fort Drum is the site of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project that will test a new high-performance insulation technology for buildings designed to retain heat indoors more effectively and with greater cost savings.
CBI and BSRIA respond to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement
CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn has responded in detail to the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review and Autumn Statement announced yesterday (25 November) to the House of Commons.
@The Big 5: Saudi to boost export potential
More than a 100 Saudi companies are at the show, assembled by Saudi Exports (SEDA), working under the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is the largest gathering of Saudi Arabia’s private industrial sector in a pavilion organised by the authority at an international exhibition./images/up/News/2015112817563117863.jpg
Warning for 8,000 ships still using R22
With up to 8,000 ships still using R22, a leading supplier is warning the shipping industry of price, supply and safety risks in the run-up to the global ban./images/up/News/2015112817515067622.jpg
$158,000 to aid R22 switch to ammonia
The US EPA has awarded $158,000 to Rutgers University to help the food industry in Newark reduce its releases of refrigerant R22./images/up/News/2015112817445891520.jpg