Market news
Fuel Cell Market Expected to Be 500,000 Units in 2010
Nippon Oil Starts Testing 1 kW Kerosene Fuel Cell
MHI to Test Huge Wind Turbine Generator 鈥 92 m Dia. Rotor, 2400 kW 鈥
Zexel Valeo Shifting to Overseas Production
MHI Develops New Transport Refrigeration Unit
Daikin 鈥淏io-Antibody Filter鈥 Quickly Inactivates Influenza Viruses
Daikin Reports Favorable Profit in 1st Qtr. 2004
Share-Getting Race in Digital Appliances Market
Fujikoki Constructs a Factory in Thailand
Mitsubishi Electric
Heat Wave Boosts AC Production
Matsushita Develops New Air Filter Capable of Inactivating SARS Virus
LGE Japan Expands Refrigerator Sales in Japan
Daikin Releases 鈥淗ot Eco Floor鈥 Hot-Water Heater with Half Operating Costs
Kulthorn Group Acquires Sanyo Compressor Plant in Thailand
ARI and KRAAC Sign Memorandum of Understanding
Electricity Supply Shortage in China
Nanjing Normal University Completes An Integrated AC Laboratory
Midea Advances into Centrifugal Chiller Business
Zamil Group Wins Dhahran Shopping City Contract
Petra Delivers Various Products to Huge Projects
The Big 5 - The Largest Show in the Middle East
ACREX 2006 International Exposition on Building Services
January 22 - 25, 2006; New Delhi, India
Aircraft Airconditioning
New 20-Megawatt Geothermal Plant Slated for Nevada
Enhancing The Copeland Commercial Scroll Platform
Emerson鈥檚 Copeland Scroll Receives ACHR News Awards
International Exhibitors Look to AHR Expo庐-Mexico
Fedders Reports Second Quarter 2004 Results
June Shipments Hit Record with Over 1 Million units
US Dept. of Energy and ARI Discuss Energy Efficiency Standards
Mr. Frank Coda, ASHRAE Executive Vice President Emeritus, Dies
ASERCOM Symposium 2004
EC Approves Carrier's Acquisition of Linde Refrigeration
Carrier China to Set Up Regional Headquarters in Shanghai
Melco Mini-Split Awarded by U.S. Journal
Carel Offers ir33: the New Generation Controllers for Refrigeration
AGRAMKOW Opens New Sales and Service Center in Shanghai
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