Market news
Daikin Singapore Strengthens Ties with National Institutions
Australia to Set Carbon Tax Rate for HFCs
Danfoss Liquid Injection Technology for Heat Pumps
Kaori to Open Branch Office in Germany
Highly Speeds up Development of ATW Compressors
RefComp 134-IV Screw Compressor for Heat Pumps
Trane Raises Prices on Variety of Products in Asia Pacific
SCI Inverter Compressor for Heating Applications
Argentina Publishes New Energy Efficiency Regulation for Freezers
Johnson Controls Completes Acquisition of EnergyConnect
Evonik Develops New Working Fluids
Weighted Wings in 2011 鈥 A Review of 2011 World AC Market
Carel Awarded for Business Innovation Prize
2011 Summer AC Market News
Carrier Acquires Shandong Fuerda AC Equipment
Manufacturing Expo with Growing Thai Economy
Montreal Committee Grants US$ 265 Million to China
Bosch Test House Shows Practicality of Geothermal & Solar Energy
EU Publishes AC Energy Labeling Regulation
Correction: Danfoss Liquid Injection Technology for Heat Pumps
Thermax Introduces Smaller, More Efficient Solar AC in India
Taiwan鈥檚 White Goods Suppliers See Revenues Grow on Brisk AC Sales
New, High-efficiency, Ozone and Climate-friendly Technology for Air Conditioners
News From Global
Phase I of Chemicals Project Puts into Production
LG Provides Chillers for Nuclear Power Stations
Shenzhen Can Build 1 GW Virtual Power Station with Cold Storage Acs
Sichuan Tests Contract Management of Central AC
GMCC Market Share Expands in 2011 RY
China to Audit Production Statistics on HCFCs
Highly Launches New Airsource Heat Pump Product
China and the U.S. Cooperate to Develop Coldchain Logistics
DunAn GSHP BOT Contract Value Hits Record High
National Subsidies for Energy-saving Renovations in Ningxia
First Meat Refrigeration Warehouse Puts into Operation
Production of Refined Copper Hits Record High in China
China Increases Financial Incentive for Energysaving Renovation
Soaring Rare Earth Prices Put Brakes on Inverter Acs
40 Cities Begin Building Renovations for Energy Conservation
Chigo Central AC Development to Accelerate
TCL De鈥橪onghi Domestic Sales Soar
Demand for Constant Speed Compressors with Level II Increases in May
Midea Releases New Technology Using New Refrigerants
Midea Introduces New Screw Chillers
Sanxing Electric Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange
Chunlan Provides Manufacturing Guidance in Bangladesh
TCL to Construct Production Base in Wuhan
New National Standard on Server Room ACs to Implement Soon
World鈥檚 First Production Line of Split AC with R290 Completed in Gree
World's First Production Line of Split AC with R290 Put into Operation in Gree