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Frascold Expanding Made-in-Italy Compressors Worldwide
/images/up/News/201752623444950250.jpgFounded in 1936, Frascold has more than 80 years of experience in the compressors sector. Frascold is the largest Italian manufacturer of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and ranks second in Europe in the semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor sector.
Vision 2030: Identifying New Opportunities
When you hold 18 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves - that’s more than 260 billion barrels, according to OPEC - and with oil and gas accounting for approximately 50 percent of your GDP, you might assume you can sit back and let your energy sector do its thing for many decades to come./images/up/News/20175269281251253.jpg
CHIGO Endorsed Jackie Chen for Ten More Greater Years
On April 19, at the “Make‘Made in China' Great Again” themed 2017‘Made in China' Innovation and Development Forum & Spokesman Contract Renewal Ceremony with Jackie Chan, CHIGO, one of the four family businesses within the air-conditioning industry, and Jackie Chan jointly announced a new term of brand spokesperson agreement./images/up/News/2017526924715264.jpg
Trane Contributing to Coal to Electricity Retro-fit in China
The coal to electricity retrofits to tackle air pollution in China are closely tied to people’s livelihood, so the product quality and performance requirements are much higher, bringing greater challenges to air conditioner manufacturers./images/up/News/20175271482387000.jpg
Fresh Air Systems Have Great Market Potential
Due to the increase of haze since 2013, the Chinese market for fresh air systems is experiencing a rapid development period. In the future, the market is expected to steadily increase. /images/up/News/20175271462668267.jpg
Urban Rail Investment in China Approaches RMB 385 Billion in 2016
The China Association of Metros’ statistical report shows that; as of the end of 2016, 30 cities in China have established urban rail transit systems with a total length of more than 4,150 km along 133 tracks, and 21 cities have more than two tracks in their urban rail transit systems./images/up/News/20175271432497248.jpg
STULZ CyberZen Win an Order from Equipment Room in Hunan
STULZ CyberZen precision air conditioning system won the bid for the Hunan Provincial equipment room project thanks to its high quality and reliability as well as significant energy savings./images/up/News/20175271373381585.jpg
1st Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences Holds in Korea
The first Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences (ACTS) was held at International Convention Center (ICC) in Jeju Island, Korea from March 26 to 30./images/up/News/201752623572282985.jpg
Climaveneta Units Installed at A Hospital in France
Climaveneta’s high efficiency water-cooled chillers have installed in the new Ajaccio Hospital, France. /images/up/News/20175262352235148.jpg
J&J Snack Foods adds Auntie Anne's frozen soft pretzel products to its distribution line
In 2013, Auntie Anne's, Lancaster, Pa., expanded its presence onto retailers' shelves with the introduction of frozen pretzel products./images/up/News/20175268472447925.jpg