Real Risks of Hydrocarbons
Published May 2012
Since China supplies nearly three quarters of the world demand for room air conditioners, the prospect that it intends to switch half its production of splits to propane (R290) to meet to 2015 phasedown from R22 has alarmed some sectors of the industry. The decision was taken following a comparison of the actual risk factors with the accepted public risk levels?a process known as quantitative risk assessment (QRA). This involved identifying potential leakage points and using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study the gas flow within a room and its tendency to concentrate near points of ignition such as electrical switches in the room and on adjacent equipment. The CFD results were calibrated from tests using actual equipment and a spark ignition source.
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Cover Story
High Temperatures Stimulate AC Market in the Southern Hemisphere
While the Northern Hemisphere is suffering from severe winter weather, countries in the Southern Hemisphere are being challenged by scorching temperatures. Now is the peak season for air conditioner sales in the Southern Hemisphere. JARN has collected information from major air conditioner manufacturers to create this review of the 2014 Southern Hemisphere air conditioner market focused on Brazil and Australia.
Top Interview
Changing U.S. AC Industry with Passion
Goodman was acquired by Daikin in November, 2012. One year after that, JARN reporter visited Goodman鈥檚 Houston factory and interviewed with David Swift, CEO of Goodman Manufacturing, to hear about topics focusing on the future of ductless air conditioners in North America.
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