AHRI Releases February 2014 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data
Published Apr 2014
April 11, 2014
Residential Storage Water Heaters
U.S. shipments of residential gas storage water heaters for February 2014 increased 5.8 percent, to 366,057 units, up from 345,853 units shipped in February 2013. Residential electric storage water heater shipments increased 7.1 percent in February 2014, to 340,508 units, up from 317,965 units shipped in February 2013.
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Cover Story
Agility is Key in the Global Era
Panasonic has announced changes to its organizational structure and senior management team, which will take effect April 1, in an effort to strengthen its air conditioner business. The major organizational changes are as follows.
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Daikin Steadily Builds Its U.S. Foundation
Daikin announced on January 6 that it plans to expand Goodman鈥檚 operations in the United States. At the 2015 AHR Expo after the announcement, JARN interviewed Takeshi Ebisu, president and chief executive officer, Goodman Manufacturing, to hear about the new factory, its strategy in the U.S. market, and other news.
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