Headline News Volume 114
Published Sep 2011

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Date: 2011 September 28 Volume 114
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1. Gree R290 ACs Go into Mass Production
The first pilot production line for split-type R290 air conditioners was completed by Gree on July 14, 2011. The line has annual output of 100,000 units and the products produced in this production line are mainly exported to the EU market.

2. Virtual 10th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2011 Concludes
The 10th IEA Heat Pump Website Conference was held over 66 days from June 27 to August 31, which had 377 participants from 26 countries and over 1,600 accesses. The conference was scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan, this May, but it was suspended because of the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake
*IEA=International Energy Agency 

3. Johnson Controls Appoints Distributor in Egypt
On August 17, 2011, Johnson Controls entered into an exclusive agreement with the Shams Group in Egypt. Shams Group offers an extensive range of York residential air conditioners from 17 Shams showrooms and a net work of 200 dealers.

4. Value of RAC Shipments in July Drops below 2010 Level in Japan
According to statistics by JEMA, shipments of room air conditioners this July numbered 1,506,000 units, down 7.3% and in value, shipments accounted for \123 billion, down 5.9% from the previous year. Shipments of packaged air conditioners numbered 87,000 units, up 9% over the previous year. 
*JEMA= Japan Electrical Manufacturers鈥 Association

5. Emerson Announces Heating Business Sale to Nibe
Emerson has announced that it has agreed to sell its Heating Products business to Nibe Industrier, the European manufacturer in the heating industry. The business has annual sales of approximately US$ 75 million with about 1,100 employees.


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