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Published Apr 2012

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Date: 2012 April 5, Volume 136

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New Trends--- JSRAE Seminar on Latest Technologies

1. Acrex India 2012 was Held---For a Greener Tomorrow
Acrex India 2012 took place from February 23 to 25, in Bangalore, India. The latest products and technology innovations was showcased, and not only the Japanese manufacturers, but all players displayed a higher number of inverter RACs this year.

2. Interview: Gree, a New Challenger in the Chiller Market
Increased demand on the construction energy conservation in China has accelerated growth in its centrifugal chiller market. JARN interviewed Huang Hui, vice president of Gree, having recently made several breakthroughs in the chiller segment.

3. Danfoss to Relocate Mexico Operation to North America
Danfoss will relocate its industrial refrigeration final assembly and warehouse operations from Mexico to Morrison, Tennessee, the U.S., later this year. This move is to reengineer supply chain to a new flexible operation and allow for increase capacity for Mexico facility鈥檚 other production lines.

4. Hanbell Sees Increase of Sales of Refrigerant Screw Compressors
The sales of Hanbell refrigerant screw compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning have taken a higher share of its cooling compressor business. Its proportion has increased from less than 1% in 2006 to about 13% in 2010, and will increase to 18% in 2012.

5. Hitachi Adds 17 High-efficiency Type Models to 鈥楩lex Multi鈥 VRF AC Series 
Hitachi Appliances added 17 high-efficiency type models to its 鈥楩lex Multi鈥 VRF air conditioner series and release them on April 1. The company will also renew the existing 24 standard type models and release them simultaneously.  


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Cover Story
High Temperatures Stimulate AC Market in the Southern Hemisphere
While the Northern Hemisphere is suffering from severe winter weather, countries in the Southern Hemisphere are being challenged by scorching temperatures. Now is the peak season for air conditioner sales in the Southern Hemisphere. JARN has collected information from major air conditioner manufacturers to create this review of the 2014 Southern Hemisphere air conditioner market focused on Brazil and Australia.
Top Interview
Changing U.S. AC Industry with Passion
Goodman was acquired by Daikin in November, 2012. One year after that, JARN reporter visited Goodman鈥檚 Houston factory and interviewed with David Swift, CEO of Goodman Manufacturing, to hear about topics focusing on the future of ductless air conditioners in North America.
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