Factory Report
HFO-1234yf Production Increasing
HFO-1234yf is a new refrigerant for automobiles with a global-warming potential (GWP) of less than 1. This GWP is 99.9% lower than that of HFC-134a, the current refrigerant in use, and even lower than that of carbon dioxide.
Special Report
U.S. Giants Speed Up VRF Development in China
In the 1990s, Japanese brands introduced variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems into the Chinese market, and they gradually became accepted by Chinese customers thanks to their advantages in design simplicity, operational flexibility, and ease of installation.
Market Report
Screw Compressors & Chillers
In January and February 2014 issue of JARN we published a brief history of developments of...
[Statics] Statistics 2014-04.2 Apr. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-04.1 Apr. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-03.2 Mar. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-03.1 Mar. 2014
[Market] Screw Compressors & Chillers Mar. 2014
[Market] ACR Show 2014 Draws to a Successful Close despite Extreme Weather Mar. 2014
[Market] TICA Starts Mass Production of TICA VRF System Mar. 2014
[Market] Sharp to Introduce Inverter VRF to Europe Mar. 2014
[Market] Fujitsu General Releases Airstage VR-II VRF in China Mar. 2014
[Market] EU F-Gas Revision Passes Environment Vote Feb. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-02.2 Feb. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-02.1 Feb. 2014
[Market] MCE --Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2014 Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--Spain Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--France Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--Russia Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--Japan Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--India Feb. 2014
[Market] AC Market Entering Stable Growth Stage--China Feb. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-01.2 Jan. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2014-01.1 Jan. 2014
[Market] New F-gas Regulation -- Unfavorable Future for HFCs? Jan. 2014
[Market] Screw Compressors & Chillers Jan. 2014
[Market] Air Conditioning Situation in Chile in 2013 Jan. 2014
[Statics] Statistics 2013-12.2 Dec. 2013
[Statics] Statistics 2013-12.1 Dec. 2013
[Market] Technological Review of Japanese Room Air Conditioners Dec. 2013
[Market] Major Companies Go into Plant-growing Business Dec. 2013
[Market] HVAC&R Japan 2014 Preview Dec. 2013
[Market] Ductless AC Wave Dec. 2013
[Market] Mitsubishi Electric Begins Producing Commercial ACs in Mexico Nov. 2013
[Statics] Statistics 2013-11.2 Nov. 2013
[Statics] Statistics 2013-11.1 Nov. 2013
[Market] Air Conditioner Manufacturers Excited at Canton Fair Nov. 2013
[Special] Honeywell Promotes Next Generation Refrigerants Nov. 2013
[Market] APIC to Organize Climate World 2014 Nov. 2013
[Market] Energy Efficiency Grades and Energy-saving Subsidy for RACs in China Nov. 2013
[Market] Centrifugal Chiller: Single-stage or Two-stage? Nov. 2013
[Market] European Heat Pump Summit 2013 Nov. 2013
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Cover Story
High Temperatures Stimulate AC Market in the Southern Hemisphere
While the Northern Hemisphere is suffering from severe winter weather, countries in the Southern Hemisphere are being challenged by scorching temperatures. Now is the peak season for air conditioner sales in the Southern Hemisphere. JARN has collected information from major air conditioner manufacturers to create this review of the 2014 Southern Hemisphere air conditioner market focused on Brazil and Australia.
Top Interview
Changing U.S. AC Industry with Passion
Goodman was acquired by Daikin in November, 2012. One year after that, JARN reporter visited Goodman鈥檚 Houston factory and interviewed with David Swift, CEO of Goodman Manufacturing, to hear about topics focusing on the future of ductless air conditioners in North America.
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