KAORI is rolling out competitive solutions for natural refrigerants heat pumps

With the worldwide growing focus on energy issue, the demand in commercial/residential heat pump and air conditioning using natural refrigerants rises every day. Kaori offers a variety of new products based on its original micro-channel (R series) and asymmetric (B series). Both model series are extremely ideal for next-generation refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP), including natural refrigerant R290, HFC and HFO, providing more solutions to the thriving HVAC & R industry.

Kaori’s R046 inherits the advantage of R series’ micro channel feature, significantly minimizing the size of the heat exchanger and offering outstanding heat transfer performance. It saves up to 20% of refrigerant charge compared to products with identical dimension.

Kaori is also rolling out two new products: B200 and B215D. They are designed for the evaporator and condenser used in commercial heat pump/chiller, which will also expand the max capacity of B Series product line from 50kW to 200kW. B200 is suitable for a single compressor system, while B215D works with a dual compressor system. Both are designed with asymmetric channel, not only reducing refrigerant charge and water pressure drop, thus increasing the system performance, but also reducing the operation energy consumption, cost and carbon foot print.

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