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Date: June 25, 2021, Volume 586
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<June Regular edition>
1. Global AC Sector Hit by Price Hikes in 2021
Due to the excessive currency exchange of the U.S. dollar and the euro, inflation has intensified and is being transmitted and radiated across the world, leading to an overall increase in global commodity prices.  The prices of metals used in air conditioners have continued to rise globally since mid-2020.  Also, as JARN reported in the March regular issue, the shortage of marine containers has become a serious problem in the world, and freight rates are still rising. In such a severe environment, air conditioner manufacturers around the world are forced to raise the prices of their products because they cannot contain costs by self-help efforts alone.
June regular page 1
2. Daikin Targets ¥3.6 Trillion Sales in FY 2025 while Contributing to Sustainable Society
On June 7, 2021, Daikin held a press conference to announce the strategic management plan Fusion 25 spanning fiscal year (FY) 2021 (ending March 2022) to FY 2025. This press conference was held both at the venue of Daikin’s Osaka head office and via an online platform. At the beginning of the conference, Masanori Togawa, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Daikin, explained the company’s unique Fusion management, the achievements of Fusion 20, and gave an outline of Fusion 25. Then, a brief summary of the lecture titled ‘ Corporate management in the new normal era’ given by Noriyuki Inoue, chairman of the Board and chief global group officer of Daikin, was introduced.
June regular page 10
3. Systemair Shaping the Future of Asia’s HVAC Sector
JARN interviewed Asokdas M. Damodaran, managing director of Systemair India and Eric Tan, managing director of Systemair Malaysia, about trends driving heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) landscape in Asia Pacific, the latest solutions from the group, and the state of key markets in the region following the socio-economic upheaval caused by COVID-19.
June Regular page 14
4. AHRI Expands Test Conditions to Enable Greater Global Efficiency
On May 18, 2021, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) announced that it is implementing a wide range of test conditions in certain of its globally recognized, industry respected certification programs to help promote global energy efficiency; to suit varying global environmental regulations; and to address the requirements of its members and certification program participants.
June Regular page 18
5. Chinese AC Manufacturers Play Active Role at the 129th Canton Fair
Themed ‘Canton Fair, Global Share’, the 129th China Import and Export Fair, Canton Fair, was held successfully online from April 15 to 24, 2021, with 35.38 million visits on the official website and registered and participating buyers from 227 countries and regions. The fair was held under the leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Guangdong Provincial Government, with the great support of various departments of the central government, local commerce departments, and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.
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