1:World Air Conditioner Market – 2022 Update - 1 OVERVIEW

World Air Conditioner Market – 2022 Update - 1 OVERVIEW

Since 2021, with the acceleration of global vaccination and the successive lifting of blockade measures by various countries, the recovery of the world economy has remarkably improved. But the pandemic is continuing, and people in many parts of the world are still working from home. Life, work, and study have not returned to normal. In 2021, the weather in most parts of the world was not very h


2:2 REGIONAL - 2.1 NORTH AMERICA - United States

Compared with 2020, the temperature in the United States was lower in winter, while the temperature in spring and summer was moderate. In late June, the record-setting heat that descended on the Pacif...

2.1.2:2 REGIONAL - 2.1 NORTH AMERICA - Canada

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) predicts that housing sales maintain strong momentum in 2021. In 2021, housing sales reached a record high, and the average house price also rose by 16.5%, ...

2.2:2.2 CHINA

Reported by Professor Zhou Zicheng, HVAC&R advisor According to JARN’s estimates, the Chinese RAC market increased to 2.6% year on year to 50,26 million units in 2021. The market has not ...


The most anticipated major markets in Southeast Asia continued to decline in 2021, and the overall situation was rather dismal. In Southeast Asia, the weather was terrible in the first half of 2021...

2.4:2.4 INDIA

Reported by Rakesh Kumar, managing editor, ISHRAE Journal Economic Scenario Even as the Indian economy was gradually opening up after the first wave of COVID-19 that led to extensive lockdowns, th...

2.5:2.5 EUROPE

The summer in 2021 saw unprecedented cool weather in some parts of Europe. Overall, the temperature in Europe was cool until May. Starting in July, the high pressure in the north was extreme, and c...

2.6:2.6 JAPAN

In Japan, a state of emergency and pre-emergency measures were issued during most of the period between the beginning of 2021 and the end of September. As a result, the slump has continued since the b...


South Korea’s industry varied slightly depending on products, but production was generally higher than 2020. Compared with 2020, it is estimated that production increased by about 12% in 2021, a...

2.8:2.8 OCEANIA

Australia In Australia, the summer season with sunny days and temperatures above 30ºC usually lasts from December to February, but this summer, heavy rain and lower temperatures than usual are...


Investment in the tourism, real estate, and catering industries in the Middle East has shrunk significantly due to the pandemic. The central budgets of governments in various countries prioritize meas...

2.9.1:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Saudi Arabia

The government continues to tighten various budgets. Since the VAT increased in 2020, delays in the progress of projects have been noticeable, especially for government-affiliated projects. Soaring...

2.9.2:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - UAE

Vaccination has been progressing in the UAE, and the number of infected people is decreasing accordingly. Small projects are being conducted, albeit limitedly, but investment in large government-relat...

2.9.3:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Israel

Demand for RAC and PAC has shown single-digit increase. The new remote working and the stay-at-home trend has promoted RAC sales, and the pandemic has not spread much. The air conditioners favor...

2.9.4:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Iraq

In 2021, the Iraqi air conditioning market has picked up somewhat. RAC demand has increased year on year, while PAC demand has declined. Midea has a strong presence in Iraq. Gree launched two brand...

2.9.5:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Iran

Due to economic sanctions in Iran, sales in the air conditioning market have become more difficult. The RAC market has increased slightly, but the PAC market has decreased somewhat. Most of the air conditioners flowing into the country are re-exported to Iran via Iraq. Some enter via Dubai. The mainstream refrigerant is R410A. Northern Iran has a high awareness of energy savings achieved tha...

2.9.6:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Pakistan

Pakistan’s performance in 2021 has far exceeded manufacturers’ expectations, and market demand has surpassed the level of 2019. Demand for RAC and PAC exceeded 15% compared with 2020. ...

2.9.7:2.9 MIDDLE EAST - Others

Oman The annual demand of the Oman RAC market is more than 200,000 units. Tourism is the backbone of Oman’s national economy. In 2021, due to the pandemic, European tourism revenue was greatly reduced. And the sharp decline in purchasing power has depressed the market. Gree, Panasonic, and LG are relatively active in the Oman market. Daikin and Panasonic have air conditioning sales...


The pandemic has severely hit the air conditioning market in Latin America. However, as people adapt to the ongoing pandemic, industrial and commercial activities have resumed, and the economy has gro...



Reported by Litvinchuk Marketing, Russia Air conditioner sales in Russia showed favorable growth in 2021, reaching 2.5 million units during the period spanning January to October. Packaged air conditioners (PACs), multi-splits, and some other types were expected to grow by the end of the year, and total sales in 2021 are projected to increase by 100,000 to 150,000 units. This is the second-high...

3.2:3.2 BRAZIL

Reported by the Brazilian Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating (ABRAVA), Brazil The Brazilian gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to have increased by around 4% in 2021, compared with a drop of 4.1% in 2020, and has returned to the prepandemic level.   RACs The room air conditioner (RAC) sector benefited as people are spending more time at home, ...


4:Fujitsu General to Launch New Heat Pump Lineup

The movement toward realizing a carbon-free society is spreading worldwide, and demand for heat pump air conditioning and heating is increasing rapidly. In this context, Fujitsu General is continuo...


4:Outes Introduces Low-ambient Air Conditioner

Outes’ low-ambient air conditioner adopts Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology and can operate at ultra-low temperatures down to –20°C with normal operation and no loss of heating...


4:TCL Promotes Full-DC Inverter Intelligent VRF

TCL newly launched the TMV6 fullDC inverter intelligent VRF system. It has a built-in high-efficiency jet enthalpy-increasing scroll DC inverter compressor. This compressor can provide surging power f...

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