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2 ROTARY JARN estimates that the global air conditioner market in 2016 reached 114 million units, indicating 5.5% year-on-year growth, which boosted demand for rotary compressors that are mostly applied in RACs.
World Compressor Market: 1 OVERVIEW
World Compressor Market: 1 OVERVIEW Thanks to a scorching summer in 2016, air conditioner inventory was digested by a large sales volume and the room air conditioner (RAC) compressor market has recovered to the level of the previous year.
3 SCROLL Global demand for scroll compressors showed 3.6% growth in 2016. As the world’s largest market, the United States indicated 7.1% growth, and China, as the world’s second largest market, presented a slight decrease of 2.0%.
5 RECIPROCATING Reciprocating compressors enjoy a wide range of cooling tonnage and applications, mainly in refrigeration systems from residential, light commercial, and commercial, to industrial segments.
4 SCREW The global screw compressor market amounted to 139,000 units in 2016, indicating flat year-on-year growth. China, Europe, and the United States were the three big markets. Their market scales in 2016 were 56,000 units, 32,400 units, and 31,900 units, respectively.