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Headline News Volume 366

eJARN.com Headline News
Date: Feb 24, 2017, Volume 366
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1. Japanese Manufacturers Accelerate Investment in Southeast Asia
Considering climate conditions, demographics, and the proportion of young people, Southeast Asia is definitely one of the most attractive markets in the world. Japanese air conditioning companies are accelerating investment in Southeast Asia, with Thailand as the first priority.

2. Manufacturers Showcase Expanding Product Portfolios - The 2017 AHR Expo Report
Asian ductless air conditioners have been exploring the U.S. ducted air conditioner market for a number of years. At this year’s AHR Expo, it was noticeable that Asian manufacturers added U.S. style unitary systems and gas furnaces to their ductless split ranges, while U.S. manufacturers added ductless splits and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems to their unitary systems and chillers.

3. Record Heat Pump Sales in Germany
Driven by subsidies and stringent energy requirements, sales of heat pumps reached record levels in Germany in 2016. The national heat pump association Bundesverband Warmepumpe (BWP) has announced that sales increased 17% last year, reaching 66,500 units, making 2016 an even better year than 2008, year of the previous record.

4. Working Hard to Shift to Low-GWP and High Energy-efficient Refrigerants
During the International Symposium on New Refrigerants and Environmental Technology 2016 (Kobe Symposium) held from November 30 to December 1 in Kobe, Japan, JARN interviewed Dr. Stephen O. Andersen, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD), to hear about today’s refrigerant trends, strategy, and future forecast.

5. RAC Prices Rise in China
Since the end of 2016, leading air conditioner manufacturers in China have been raising room air conditioner (RAC) prices.  Price increases for RACs are due to the rising prices of raw materials including copper, zinc, and aluminum. It was also reported that refrigerator manufacturers have raised their product prices.

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