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Headline News Volume 378

eJARN.com Headline News
Date: May 19th, 2017, Volume 378
( http://www.ejarn.com )
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1. Johnson Controls Makes the First Joint Appearance with Tyco at the ISH 2017
Johnson Controls (JCI) made the first joint appearance with Tyco at the ISH after the 2016 merger. In addition to its classic solutions, JCI presented the newly acquired expertise at ISH, showing industry-leading fire detection technology and a selection of relevant safety solutions.

2. Clivet Brings VRF Systems to the ISH Show
Clivet has inherited Midea’s know-how in the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system field, and displayed the V6 VRF at the ISH 2017. The V6 is a new series of high performance VRF outdoor units with all-DC inverter compressors and an enlarged heat exchange area providing maximum efficiency, The units offer a wide application range with a large-capacity 32 hp and up to a max. combined capacity of 128 hp.

3. LG Roadshow Brings AC Technologies to the Whole U.S.
The latest air conditioning innovations are featured in the LG Technology Roadshow, which is touring the United States throughout 2017, starting in California. The 30-foot-long (9-meter-long) mobile showroom is designed to help educate engineers, contractors, architects, and building owners across the country about advances in commercial and residential comfort systems.

4. Dorin Displays Largest CO2 Compressors at EuroShop 2017
Dorin has completed the qualification process for the world’s largest CO2 trans critical compressor models and showcased these models at Euro- Shop 2017.  After a challenging year of backbreaking testing, Dorin is now proud to launch the new CD500 series. The CD500 range has 6 cylinders, nominal power of 50 to 80 hp.

5. SWEP Being Ambitious for Korea
Joakim Fahlstedt, SWEP HUB Manager of North Asia, commented, “Our ambition for Korea is to grow in all areas in 2017, especially in industrial applications such as circulating chillers, air dryers, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, and engine coolers. Also, we aim to expand in air conditioning segments both on our own for heat pump applications and with support from our distributors

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